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SYNC Charms Public Band Calendar with Your Mobile Devices

With modern mobile devices and calendars, you can keep all your calendars in sync with a few simple settings.

(Note - these steps will only sync the public calendar for now).


Select your device and follow the listed steps:


For iPhones:

  • Go into the Settings app

  • Touch "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"

  • Under Acounts, touch "Add Account"

  • On the Add Account screen, touch "Other"

  • Under Calendars, touch "Add Subscribed Calendar"

  • For the Server value, enter the URL of the public calendar:

  • Touch "Next" in the upper right corner.

  • It will verify the server then show a subscription page. Change the description if you like.

  • Touch "Save" to save the subscription.


For Android Phones:

To sync with Android devices, you will need to use your Google account and have a Google calendar created.

In your Google calendar on a real computer:

  • Under "Other Calendars" click the Add link.

  • Select "Add by URL"

  • Enter the following URL:

  • Click "Add Calendar"

  • Google will begin to sync your calendar, and it will appear on the screen.

  • Click "Settings"

  • Change the long name of the new calendar to something you will remember such as "Charms Calendar"

  • Your phone should automatically be set to sync with your Google calendar.

  • On your phone: Click on "Calendar", then bring up the settings for the calendar. Click on Calendar Sync. You should see your google account listed already. Make sure Auto-Sync is checked.

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